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Earn with Waylo!

Waylo's API is a powerful single endpoint, allowing you to add an independent hotel booking bot module to your Bot or App with less than 10 lines of code.

Waylo's API does all of the heavy lifting, including Natural Language Understanding, integrations with Hotel booking systems as well as payment processing.

Sit back and relax while you earn 10-50% of the revenue on every booking.

Waylo handles  

Monetize your Bot or App and Add Value

Enable your users to book travel with one message and 3 taps


Empower Users

Add a "Book Hotels" button to your bot and allow your users to book hotels natively


Hand Over To Waylo

Let Waylo take care of understanding user requests, presenting users with travel options and handling payments


Plug-in a trained bot

Zero bot training required. AI and human team take care of your user as if they were our own.


Effortless payments

Your users pay in your Bot or App but we handle it. One less integration for you.

Keep Your Users in Your Bot

The entire transaction happens in your bot, giving yet another reason for your users to return to your bot. Let us help you build value and keep your users coming back.

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