Frequently asked questions

You earn 10-50 % of the revenue depending on the number of bookings through your bot. The range is as follows

Bookings/month %
1-50 10%
50-150 20%
150-500 30%
500+ 40%
The top 5 partners every month will receive a 25% bonus on their revenue share.
In our tests, the average booking amount is ~USD 400.
Revenue varies by hotels. Based on the average booking amount, you would earn USD 6-30/booking. Note that this varies wildly and we might run promotions that affect revenue.
Your dashboard would show the pending amount. You would get paid for a booking upto 30 days after stay completion.
There is no minimum if you accept Paypal payments. There might be a minimum in some cases. Please contact us for details.
We are required to report to IRS and send a 1099 for any yearly payouts over USD 600 if you are an US individual. Depending on your country laws, you might be required to pay taxes whether we report it or not.
No, there is no residency requirement.
We don’t use cookies. However, if a user starts on your bot; but ends up using our demo bot for booking in the next 30 days, it would still count as your booking. Note that if the user ends up booking on another partner’s bot, it would not count as your booking.
The API is typically limited to 1 call/s and 30,000 call/24 hours. If you think you would need higher limits, please contact us.
We have a human support team that jumps into the conversation whenever the bot doesn’t understand the user.
Users pay Waylo (RoamAmore Inc.) directly us via credit card (handled by Stripe) or Paypal.